Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Gave Blood and All I Got Was a Huge Bruise...and Test Results

I have never given blood or had blood taken.  So, when I went to fulfill goal #18 to have have my cholesterol checked.  My family has history of heart problems and I decided I should take some preventative measures.  So...for the first time ever I gave blood.  This is what I found out.

     -I have small veins.
     -I bruise easily.  A week later, I still had a huge bruise on my arm.
     -My cholesterol is within the normal range.
     -It is super weird to watch as you give blood.  It really should just stay in my body.  It kind of freaks me reason I've never given blood before.

Only one blood-giving-goal left to fulfill, #22 donate it creepy that there is more than one?  Is it creepy that there is one at all? Ah well...either way...goal #18...check!!

Yours affectionately,

P.S. If you read this whole must really love me.  Thanks!

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