Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fishing is the Sport of Drowning Worms

I grew up in a fishing family, but there is a time in every young girl's life when her Dad stops taking the fish off the hook for her.  When that day came for me, so did the end of my rather pathetic fishing career.  I didn't mind so much.  I didn't have enough patience for it, plus I could just bring along my book in the boat and get some extra reading time in.  But the time came for me to face those scaly my smallest brother, G was schooling me.  I think he was touching fish before he lost his diapers.  He really likes doing it, he talks to the fish as he takes the hook out of it's mouth.

To be honest...I didn't put the worm on the book G and my other brother B did it for me.  Thanks guys!  I was going to, really I was...they were just so...wiggly.  The boys did like it was no big deal, but it freaked me out.  I caught a fish on the first was so tiny!

Me and my tiny fish!

After a couple tries, I totally got the hook out myself.  Goal #16...Done!

I kept going...after the brothers put more worm on my hook.  I caught two swallowed the hook and my dad took it out for me.  But I took the hook out of the third one by myself.  G offered (I told you he likes to do it!), but I did it myself. 
For the record...that is G shooting the fish with a water gun.  I heart him.

I liked the last fish, but I don't think Henry (that's what I've decided to name him) and Howard would have gotten along well.  I don't think I will take up fishing as a hobby, still not enough patience, but I had alot of fun with the family this day.  One more goal done. 

Yours affectionately,

P.S. Thanks to my mom for being the photographer!

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  1. I laughed very hard when you talked about G talking to the fish. So so true!