Friday, September 16, 2011

Eyeliner and Drink Umbrellas Are the New Art Supplies

In August, my sister, Spaulding gave each one of the siblings a small canvas.  She asked us to paint it or create a collage on it.  G painted a zombie farm on his.  It is quite the work of art.  

I wanted to do something a little more me so...I used this tutorial to create a collage a background of book pages.  I wanted to paint some lettering on, but the normal pencil transferring wouldn't work.  After some deliberation...I decided to try something else.  

First, I printed the text and placed it on the canvas where I wanted it to be.

Then, I flipped the paper over and filled in the words in with cheap black eyeliner.  
I think this pencil cost me $.99 at Wal-Mart.

I flipped it over and rubbed over the words to transfer the eyeliner...normally this would work with pencil, but because the Modge-Podge on the canvas was so smooth the pencil wouldn't stick.  

The transfer isn't perfect, but it is enough to fill in the letters.  
Because the letters were so thin and scripty, I used a toothpick...ok...I used a drink umbrella because I don't have any toothpicks, but it is basically the same thing.

This is the final product!
I know its no zombie farm, but I think Spaulding will like it.

Yours affectionately,


  1. you are becoming more and more artsy... loving it!

  2. My roommates agree with are artsy whether you think so or not!