Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video of the Week - Christmas

I really meant to come back with this on Monday, but due to car trouble and a list of homework that spans several is coming a bit late.  Nevertheless...Here is the first Christmas blog of the season.

I love Christmas...what to know why?  Well...there are alot of reasons.  I think most people can agree on the important reason, but most of the ones I share with you...aren't all that important...most border on silly (What?!? Silly?!? Me?!?...I know, something new and different right?)  Like today...this week's videos are an excellent example of one reason I appreciate the season...Christmas episodes of television shows are usually first rate.

Example A: Phoebe's Christmas Song  (Sorry you have to got to YouTube for this one.)

Example B: Bones (The Christmas episodes of this show are hands down my favorites.)

Example C: The Big Bang Theory (You'll have to go to YouTube for this one too. BUT WAIT...just a little background first...Sheldon got gift baskets at varying prices...his plan is to excuse himself, check the price of Penny's gift and then come out with the appropriate basket. your good.  Go ahead.)

See they are great.

Yours affectionately,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hello All,

So between my massive amounts of homework and the upcoming Thanksgiving break, I haven't/won't have alot of time time to write.  So...I'm taking a short hiatus from blogging.  Come back on the 27th for a Christmas countdown.  I'll tell you about some of my favorite things about the holiday season and there will be a give-away or two also!

See you on the 27th.  In the meantime...enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Yours affectionately,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video of the Week - 90's TV For Kids Edition

It is good to be a child of the 90's.  We some of the greatest kids shows and in case you think I'm wrong...which I'm not...I'm going to share theme songs from three of my favorite shows when I was a kid.


First up...Reading Rainbow.  I always wanted to be one of the kids at the end of the show who read a book and got to share it with everyone.

Second...Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Consider this...

Last, but not least...Wishbone!!!  My favorite reading dog.  My sister had a stuffed animal Wishbone...he came with two different costumes...I was pretty jealous.

I had to cut myself off at three...I had a hard time not including The Magic School Bus, Arthur, Pepper Ann, Duck Tales, Ghost Writer, Doug and Home Improvement (I know...not actually I kids show, but it is too good to leave off the list).

So...what was your favorite kid's show from the 90's???

Yours affectionately,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Now I'm a Storyteller

Last year I took a class called Storytelling. life is a little bit different, a little bit better.

In high school I was shy and hated, to the core of my being, talking in front of any thing that could be described as a crowd or audience.  I shook, spoke to fast, and my voice started heading toward a pitch that only dog's are be able to hear.

In the last month I have led a meeting of my professional student group on the subject of storytelling. And on October 28th, I told "La Muerta, Godmother Death" at Bloomington's annual Festival of Ghost Stories. Both of these events went heart wasn't beating out of my chest, I spoke at an understandable pace, and my voice stayed low enough for human ears.

Now, I'm not saying the storytelling alone is responsible for these changes...but I do know that two weeks ago I got up on a stage with spotlights and told a story in front of an audience.

So...what is storytelling?

Not acting.
Not memorizing.

It is sharing a story and the images of that story with an audience.
It is a long standing tradition.
It is a skill I will continue studying and sharing with others.

Yours affectionately,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Video of the Week

If you haven't seen this should.

Favorite Moments:
    -The Caffeine Patch
    -"I have a big head and little arms!"

Have you seen the movie?  What is your favorite kids movie?  I'm not sure what my favorite is, but this one is too good to miss.

Yours Affectionately,