Friday, January 7, 2011


So...Apparently I'm not very good at blogging.  One more thing I have learned about myself this year.

In case my infrequent posts didn't prove my lack of blogging skills...this blog did.

In short...the writer lays out seven different rules.

1. Write Regularly - Whoops - Grade: F

2. Don't Tell Anyone You've Started a Blog for at Least a Month - Again...Whoops!  I can't contain myself; if I'm excited about something I tell people.  For example, every Christmas I promise myself I'm going to keep all my gifts a secret, but by the time Christmas rolls around my mom, dad, and sister know exactly what I'm getting everyone else.  This happens without fail every year.  - Grade: F

3. Write About What You Know and Care About Without Being a Narcissist - So I don't think I'm a narcissist, but do narcissist's ever think they are talking about themselves too much. Is it comparative to the whole...crazy people don't worry about being crazy.  Narcissists don't worry about being narcissists because they never think they talk about themselves too much?  I don't know.  - Grade: ?

4. Be Proactive. Don't Be a Jerk. - I'm not a jerk...not sure if I'm proactive...maybe in setting my own goals I encouraged someone to set their own.  Look at me...I'm inspiring...Or maybe we're back to the whole narcissist thing again.  - Grade: B-

5. Don't Spend alot of Time on the Technical Stuff - Yeah, I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to set up my blog so I like the way it looked. - Grade: A  (I don't care what he says...I think it looks great!)

6. Capture Ideas When They Come - I think this plays into the whole "Write Regularly" thing.  Once again...whoops.  Part of the problem is confidence.  A week or so after I started this blog I was reading an article about Web 2.0 and how blogs and wikis make everyone feel like their opinion matters, like everything any person with a web connection says is important.  (I was reminded of the statement...if everyone is special than no one is.)  Reading several statements like that took the proverbial wind out of my sails.  Why did I think that is what I have to say is important, interesting, or funny?  What makes it worth my time to write out my thoughts or yours to read this?  - Grade: Incomplete, to many questions.

7. Focus Without Being Too Narrow - I suppose my focus is on my 25 goals.  Doesn't sound to narrow to me.  - Grade: A

Well, despite my less than brilliant start, I will continue my monthly (maybe I'll amp it up to twice a month) ramblings until my 25th birthday.  Who knows maybe by next December I'll be a blogging sensation.  ( that narcissism again?  I have got to learn the exact definition.)  

Yours affectionately,


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  2. Even with my limited interaction with you about you blog, I am still gonna chime in with my thoughts, feelings, and analization (love me for me, not my spelling).

    Your goal is not to make thousands of people hear your voice, but your aim is for your blog to be for a select people who already want to hear your important insights. They are important to us. It provides a creative outlet in which the joys of life, funny stories, teachable moments and disappointments in your life are able to be written down so that we get to know you better. Sure, I would love it if you wrote more. Or posted more. But not because it would make you a better blogger (of which it would), but because reading your creative spin on life gives me great joy and an ever desired look into your life.
    I love you. JJ