Saturday, January 22, 2011

School of Library

The other day I was leaving class and heading upstairs into the main library.  (The School of Library and Information Science building is attached to the main library building.)  I hadn't put on my headphones yet and as I was walking I heard two young men walking behind me.  (Quite a few students walk through our building to get to the main library.)  This is what I heard.

"Dude, did you see on the outside of the building, it says School of Library."


"Yeah that's funny."  (Ok, I'm not exactly sure how he responded, but it definitely less than witty.)

(In a mocking tone.) "Do people even go to school to be librarians?"

I promptly turned around and told him yes.

So to answer the young man and many people who have asked me...Yes, you can go to school to be a librarian.  And to answer my mocking (in a loving way) family...No, I haven't not taken any classes on the Dewey Decimal system.

So far I have taken/am taking classes about Reference, Basic Computer Skills, Materials for Youth, Public Library Management, Collection Development and Management, and Youth Library Services.  I have learned what Web 2.0 means, how to design a basic website from a blank notepad document (check it out), how to judge a children's book by more than the cover, and so much more.  Starting in March I'm taking a workshop about storytelling.  I wait in eager anticipation.

I have learned that I'm interested in tweens and how students make the transition from juvenile to young adult and eventually to adult fiction.

A friend got me this book for my birthday.

Apparently I'm learning to save the world.  Take that "school of library" guy.  

Your's affectionately,

P.S. I hear we get our cape and ability to fly at graduation.

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  1. Can I try the cape on after you earn it ;)?????