Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Semester Almost Gone

So first of all, Genna, I'm sorry I haven't written in a month and that it bums you out.

I have almost completed my first semester in my two-year master's program.  I have learned alot this past semester.  I've learned how do to a reference interview, how to evaluate a children's picture book, how to give a smashing booktalk (if I do say so myself), how to tag a page for xhtml, and how to use UNIX (the basics anyway.)  More importantly I've learned that God wants to take care of me, I just need to let Him; that He loves me even when I feel like a failure; that I am not nearly as independent as I thought I was; and that I need friends around me far more that I thought I did.

I know I should be really happy that I have finished almost a quarter of my master's program, but there is a distinct sadness hidden amongst the joy.  I know I am probably looking to much the future, but it has recently struck me how short my time here in Bloomington is.  When I was moving, it felt like in Bloomington was all I could see.  But that has changed and with that change has come a feeling I can only describe as an eagerness.  A strong feeling that I don't want to miss anything...not a Connexion service, not a C-group event, not one coffee with the girls.

I haven't decided what any of this means yet.  I have decided that I am going to looking forward to whatever the rest of my time in Bloomington brings.  Who knows what else I'll learn.

Yours affectionately,

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  1. I also came to a similar conclusion a few days ago... realizing I had not seen the people I claimed to be excited to see (Michelle, Beth, Rick, Judy, Scot, Alex, Paul, Jen, Sara, Aly) nearly enough while I have been here. I need to start making time for them, otherwise our times together *snap fingers* will be gone like that