Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video of the Week - Christmas

I really meant to come back with this on Monday, but due to car trouble and a list of homework that spans several is coming a bit late.  Nevertheless...Here is the first Christmas blog of the season.

I love Christmas...what to know why?  Well...there are alot of reasons.  I think most people can agree on the important reason, but most of the ones I share with you...aren't all that important...most border on silly (What?!? Silly?!? Me?!?...I know, something new and different right?)  Like today...this week's videos are an excellent example of one reason I appreciate the season...Christmas episodes of television shows are usually first rate.

Example A: Phoebe's Christmas Song  (Sorry you have to got to YouTube for this one.)

Example B: Bones (The Christmas episodes of this show are hands down my favorites.)

Example C: The Big Bang Theory (You'll have to go to YouTube for this one too. BUT WAIT...just a little background first...Sheldon got gift baskets at varying prices...his plan is to excuse himself, check the price of Penny's gift and then come out with the appropriate basket. your good.  Go ahead.)

See they are great.

Yours affectionately,

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