Friday, November 11, 2011

Now I'm a Storyteller

Last year I took a class called Storytelling. life is a little bit different, a little bit better.

In high school I was shy and hated, to the core of my being, talking in front of any thing that could be described as a crowd or audience.  I shook, spoke to fast, and my voice started heading toward a pitch that only dog's are be able to hear.

In the last month I have led a meeting of my professional student group on the subject of storytelling. And on October 28th, I told "La Muerta, Godmother Death" at Bloomington's annual Festival of Ghost Stories. Both of these events went heart wasn't beating out of my chest, I spoke at an understandable pace, and my voice stayed low enough for human ears.

Now, I'm not saying the storytelling alone is responsible for these changes...but I do know that two weeks ago I got up on a stage with spotlights and told a story in front of an audience.

So...what is storytelling?

Not acting.
Not memorizing.

It is sharing a story and the images of that story with an audience.
It is a long standing tradition.
It is a skill I will continue studying and sharing with others.

Yours affectionately,

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