Monday, October 17, 2011

Week of Videos - Day 1

While watching a so-bad-its-kind-of-good movie called Just My Luck, I found the band McFly from across the pond.  They make excellent driving-with-the-windows-down-and-the-volume-turned-up-music. Plus, the accents don't hurt.  So...I officially proclaim this the Week of McFly Videos.  Wow...that's not very catchy .  How about just the Week of McFly...that's better.

Their videos are usually a little strange, but I like them.  This one makes me laugh.


What is your favorite sing-along-in-the-car music?

Yours affectionately,

P.S. Sorry I used alot of words-like-this today.  Maybe I've transferred my affection for ellipses over to dashes?

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