Wednesday, October 5, 2011

T-Shirts Galore!

For Christmas last year I embellished a couple t-shirts for my sister, Spaulding.  I made her another one this fall, so I thought I'd share them here!

SAVE THE TAPIRS!!! Just for the record tapirs are an endangered animal that lives in Costa Rica.  The shirt is more of an inside joke than a statement.  I have one of these also.  After I explained it to a stranger on the street one day, he asked me if I was from Costa Rica.  Smile!!

(P.S. Click here to see a tapir.  They are so funny looking!)

She really does.

Semi-formal Attire.

I also made her a shirt like my MN bag, but her's is an outline of Alaska with a heart over the bible camp where she has spent her last two summers working on staff.

I'll leave you with that crafty goodness for today.  Look for more t-shirts coming up.  (I've got some great I just need the time to put them into action!)

Yours affectionately,


  1. I know that I am not your sister... but can I please have one?!?! (love you and your craftiness... it is bad (but I am still sharing it with you) that when I wrote craftiness I thought of the snake in the garden of eden being crafy... but just so you know you are like the good version of it... so you are like an angel... look at me turning that into a Biblical compliment)

  2. also, I think you should just know... you are the only blog that I keep up with and forsure the only blog I ever comment on.