Monday, April 4, 2011

Video of the Week

This week's video...a trailer.  Enjoy!

Reason's I really like this trailer.
1. I can totally attest to the learning-to-understand-an-intercom thing. - It really does help to hear it twice.
2. The song "Hey Soul Sister." - Great dancing in the rain song.
3. Tom Hanks riding a scooter. - I so want a scooter.
4. That Larry teaches them how to make French Toast.
5. The part where she makes eye contact with him.
6. Tom Hanks riding a vespa with a leather jacket. - Yes...they are that cool.
7. The scooter gang around 2:15. - I want to be part of one!
8. The part where he is dancing on her porch. - I would find that just as adorable as she did.

Yours affectionately,


  1. 11. Tom Hanks,
    12. Tom Hanks,
    13. Tom Hanks.

  2. And I just realized that you only listed 8, not 10... Adjust my response accordingly. :)