Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Explanation

Some of my goals deserve a little explanation.  Like Donate Blood...yes I realize I'm almost 24 and still haven't given blood.  I just like my insides to stay on the inside.

But hold on...before any of that...I want to explain where "Your's affectionately" came from, mainly because it make me happy.  I thinks is safe to assume that if you know me at all, you know I am a fan of Jane Austen.  Her books, the movies based on her books.  It's all good.  (Side note: We were born on the same day 12/16.  Smile.)  Anyhoo...she used to sign all the letters to her sister with some variation of "Your's affectionately. J.A."  Hence the name of my just makes me smile.  

Back to the goals...

Some of them are just things I think an adult should know/be able to do/have done.
2. Learn how to drive a manual car.
3. Learn how to change a tire.
7. Read the entire bible.
13. Write down and share my testimony.
14. Go on a date.
18. Have my cholesterol checked.
20. Learn about all 44 of our Presidents.

I just think I should have learned/done these three growing up in rural Minnesota.
8. Build a roaring fire on my own.
          My family (*cough* my sister) makes fun of my lack of fire-building skills.  It's kind of sad.
12. Learn how to shoot a gun.
16. Catch a fish and take if off the hook myself.
         If I am feeling particularly spunky I'll even put the worm on myself.  Yeah, don't hold your breath for the worm part.

Why these three...just cause I want to.
19. Whiten my teeth.
21. Read the Five Love Languages book.
25. Finish reading all of Jane Austen's works.

Some these goals have won't make me grow, but come on...they are just fun!
1. Go on a spur-of-the-moment road trip.
6. Get my nosed pierced again.
11. Ride on a Vespa.

4. Write a children's book and have my mom illustrate it.
          Since high school I have wanted to be a published author, but I've never done anything about it.  Well...last year, while working in an elementary school/cashiering at Wal-mart, I kept having ideas for children's book.  (I used to write down my ideas between customers at work.)  I talked with my mom about it and she said she had always wanted to illustrate a children's book.  So I'm putting our aspirations together. 

5. Make the weight on my driver's license true.
          Lying is wrong.  My dad said so.

9. Make a chocolate cake from scratch.
         I should put a qualifier in there...the cake needs to be good.  My mom makes amazing chocolate cake and I want to be able to also.

10. Run a mile in 12 min.
         Why 12 min?  Well...for those of you that never experienced the horror of the presidential fitness test, let me bring you back to middle school.  I don't know what the standard time was then, but I can guarantee that I didn't make it.  Once, I pretended to step off the track and twist my ankle so I didn't have to run the mile with my classmates.  Yeah...I know lying is wrong. (Sorry Dad.)  In my defense, I'll just say Middle School should be called Awful School.  Anywhoo...12 minutes is the adult standard time.  This time I will make the presidential standard.

15. Learn how to french-braid.
          My mom can do it, my sister can do it, the best friend that I grew up with has been French-braiding her own hair since before she could spell "French-braid."  I've always wanted to learn.

17. Get to know my grandparents.
          Everyone has stories, I want to know them.  What better place to start then my grandparents?

23. Write a letter to my 2nd grade teacher.
         Ms. Finkie is one of the people I credit with my love of reading.  She had this great reading program in her classroom that kept me going back for more and more books.  I just want to say thanks.

24. Learn how to whistle.
         Yeah...I can't whistle.  I learned how to blow bubbles with my gum before my sister, but the same day...she learned to whistle.  My victory was snatched from me.  I must learn to whistle, even the piercingly loud whistle you do with your fingers can count.  

Thanks for reading. Starting soon..."Meet the President Monday."'s swell.

Your's affectionately,

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